Friday, February 10, 2012

Referenced assembly does not have a strong name

Sometimes you got error like following When you reference 3rd party dll

Assembly generation failed -- Referenced assembly 'Test' does not have a strong name
Cause is An assembly is not signed with a strong name, the strong name could not be verified, or the strong name would not be valid without the current registry settings of the compute.

The strong name protects clients from unknowingly loading an assembly that has been tampered with. Assemblies without strong names should not be deployed outside of very limited scenarios.

An assembly without a strong name  cannot be loaded into the global assembly cache.

To Fix this, have to follow below steps.

Step 1 : Run visual studio command prompt and go to directory where your DLL located.

 For Example my DLL located in D:/hiren/Test.dll

Step 2 : Now create il file using below command.

D:/hiren> ildasm /all / Test.dll
(this command generate code library)

Step 3 : Generate new Key for sign your project.

D:/hiren> sn -k mykey.snk

Step 4 : Now sign your library using ilasm command.

D:/hiren> ilasm /dll /key=mykey.snk

so after this step your assembly contains strong name and signed.

Jjust add reference this new assembly in your project and compile project its running now.

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